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Book Presentation Blijf!/Stay! By Caren van Herwaarden
Location: auditorium of Museum De Pont, in Tilburg
Date: Sunday afternoon the 20th of March at one o’clock p.m.
Introduction by Diana A. Wind, managing director Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, also co writer of Blijf! /Stay!
Blijf!/Stay! contains a selection of work on paper of the last five years. Together with graphic designer Ruud Willems, Caren van Herwaarden took on the challenge of making Stay! an extraordinary book. It became a Dutch/English volume of a vigorous, intuitive composition: without any formal logic, chronological order, nor arranged by subject or discipline, but with pages where different pieces correspond to one another. The book contains wording and quotes that together with the pictures – and even across the pictures occasionally – produce a totally new image. This catalogue stimulates the organic, associative ambiance that so represents Van Herwaarden’s style of observing and working. 

Diana D. Wind wrote a foregoing text where she by way of association links Van Herwaarden’s work to that of artists of bygone times like Giotto and Michelangelo; but also to that of contemporary video artist Bill Viola.
Furthermore the book incorporates texts and quotes from the past few years about the work of Caren Van Herwaarden, amongst others by Ludo van Halem: custodian of Modern Art Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and Arno Kramer: visual artist and curator for exhibitions on contemporary drawing arts. Lloyd Haft agreed to take up two of his poems in Stay!.
After the official book presentation in De Pond, the exhibition with recent work from van Herwaarden and sculptor Niko de Wit will open at 3 o’clock p.m. in the gallery Studio Van Dusseldorp; situated Wilhelminapark 110 in Tilburg. The gallery is within a stone’s throw walking distance of Museum De Pont.

Introductory text: Diana A. Wind
Graphic design: Ruud Willems
Dutch/English edition, 96 pages size 25 x 25 cm; bound, hardcover 
Publisher: Timmer Art Books, Oosterhout (
Price: € 29, 50